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We want you to have the best shopping experience. For that you must take into account the following :
- When the payment is confirmed, the order will be shipped during the following three business days.
- Shipment may take 1 to 5 business days to arrive.
- You have 30 calendar days to make changes for size, color or product change.
- You have 90 calendar days to make claims for quality.


We want to make sure that you are happy with the purchase you made. If for some reason you are not and you want to make a change, you must take into account the following:
- You must do it within 30 days after purchase.
- The product must be in its packaging, clean with its original labels.
- Promotional or discounted garments will not have changes.
- Changes can be made for a value equal to or greater than the one you paid. If it is less, you will have a balance in your favor on your next purchase.
- Changes are subject to inventory availability. If you made an online purchase and want to make a change, you can contact the WhatsApp line 312 482 3393 to coordinate the process. You must send a photo of the garment for the analysis of the case. If approved, the change is made and the shipment will be made with cash on delivery.


You can request a refund in the following cases:
- If the product, size or color does not correspond to the one you bought.
- If the product for which you want to make a change is not available.
- If the product for which you want to make a change is not available.
- Retraction. You must send an email to requesting the refund. EightFive will have 15 business days from the confirmation to make the refund.
- You must return the product in the same conditions in which it was received.
In case of withdrawal, the shipping cost and the commission charged by Payu must be borne by the customer.
Retraction: (Law 1480 of 2011, art. 47) The term to exercise this right is 5 business days from the purchase or delivery of the product.


- If the product is modified or altered from its original state.
- If the garment is damaged by use or washing.
- If the client does not present an exchange or gift invoice or original labels.
- If they are discounted garments
- If more than 30 days have passed after the purchase was made.
We will inform you via email of the reason why the exchange or warranty does not proceed, and the product will be returned to the initial shipping address collect on delivery.